17 Face Federal Charges in Cocaine Distribution Ring

Seventeen people face federal drug distribution charges after investigators seized around seven kilograms of cocaine in central Connecticut.

Police believe that the suspects were big-time drug traffickers with multiple sources across the state of Connecticut.

According to the state US Attorney's office, packages of cocaine were regularly transported via the U.S. Postal Service from Puerto Rico to Suffield and then to New Britain where the alleged trafficking ring was located. One of the accused members of the operation was a U.S. Postal Service employee.

One of the accused was was Orlando Quiros of Suffield who is suspected of receiving the packages from Puerto Rico. Police intercepted his vehicle on the way from Connecticut to New York and discovered $240,000 inside it.

Search warrants were conducted on Wednesday and police found seven kilograms of cocaine, several pounds of marijuana, three firearms, and nearly $100,000.

“The arrest of these individuals is an example of the commitment of Postal Inspectors and their law enforcement partners to bring to justice anyone who uses the U.S. Mail to facilitate the transport of illegal drugs, ensuring the safety of the mail, our employees and customers,” Inspector in Charge Shelly Binkowski wrote in a release.

Thirteen of the 17 defendants were also arrested Wednesday, although police are still searching for one of the accused.

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