More Trouble for Principal Accused of Cheating

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Already accused of cheating on Connecticut Mastery Tests, the principal of Hopeville Elementary School is now accused of botching the district's entire summer school program.

"I continue to be very distressed by these ongoing revelations and shortcomings," said Waterbury Mayor Michael Jarjura.

In a memo sent to Hopeville Principal Maria Moulthrop last week, Assistant Superintendent Paul Sequeira wrote, "Your performance as the 2011 Summer School Coordinator was unsatisfactory and your actions at the close of the program were unprofessional and unacceptable."

One of the more scathing accusations in the memo is that Principal Moulthrop basically stole summer school information by having a school secretary copy it onto a portable device and then remove the data from school computers.

Other problems noted by Sequeira include missing or inaccurate attendance data, missing and inaccurate testing data, and missing parent and teacher surveys.

Sequeria wrote in the memo, "In the 10 years of conducting summer school, I have never been faced with the problems that you have created."

Without that information, the district was unsure if some summer school students would be able to advance to the next grade, but Schools Chief Operating Officer Paul Guidone says Moulthrop has now turned over the information.

"We believe was have all the information as of today. Staff is going through that and we don't see any immediate effect on any student issue at all," Guidone said.

Board of Education members were updated on the situation when they met Monday in executive session and the school district's personnel director is now investigating this latest allegation of unprofessional behavior.

Moulthrop is already on paid leave pending an investigation into the cheating allegations.

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