More Winter Weather Strains Crews and Funds

Another snowstorm has crews across the state working through the night.

"Tonight's going to be a critical night. Some of the crews have been in since four this morning, and I don't know that they'll get any sleep tonight," said Waterbury Department of Public WOrks Deputy Director David Simpson.

During the storm, crews are busy mixing and gathering salt and sand to place on the roads as trucks plow away the snowy mess. Their job is only half done when the storm ends, though. They continue working to remove what winter left behind.

"The crews have told me that they're very tired, but they're working. They're doing their jobs. They're responding every time. We're watching them for sleep and rest," said Simpson. "They're responding admirably every time. I can't tell you how proud I am of all the city crews working for us."

As neighborhood streets continue to narrow, even those who don't have to work through the storms say the piled-up snow and bitterly cold temperatures have taken a toll on them.

"I'm tired of the snow. I want summer already," said Waterbury resident Obie Gomez. "This is ridiculous. It's like every weekend snow, snow, snow."

As the snow turned to ice and then rain Tuesday night, the warmer weather was both good and bad news. While some of the snow will finally melt, potholes will pose a problem.

"The change in the temperature is what's going to affect the potholes, and that'll be the next challenge that we face at public works," said Simpson.

"The potholes are bad," said Gomez. "When the snow clears up, the bumps and everything you go right into a pothole. I walked into a pothole. You don't walk into potholes."

DPW will also be keeping an eye out on how fast the snow melts. If it melts too quickly it could cause flooding, so crews will need to be on top of clearing storm drains.

Waterbury has already received a transfer of funds for it contracting account and sand and salt account. Officials say they've advised the administration that the city's overtime account is at its peak.

The city says it has a contingency account and officials prepared but hope the latest transfers will take them through the rest of the season.

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