Morning Joe Wants Malloy to Co-Host

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning and host Joe Scarborough asked Malloy to come back one morning and co-host the three-hour show.

“I absolutely will,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said.  “I’d love to do it.”

“Morning Joe” is in North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention, which is taking place this week.  

Malloy, a Democrat, will speak at the convention on Wednesday night. On Tuesday morning, he gave a preview of what he will talk about and what he won’t.

The show flashed a quote from Malloy:

"It's a short speech, but it's not going to be about me," Malloy was quoted as saying. “I’m not like other governors. I’m not showing up to give a speech about myself. That was rampant at the Republican convention.”

Morning Joe took the opportunity to reference to the public battle between Malloy and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Malloy quickly turned the conversation back to the convention and President Barack Obama. 

“This is our chance to make it very clear why our candidate is very different than Mitt Romney, why we have a better vision, why quite frankly the U.S. is in a better place today than it was four years ago,” Malloy said. 

He also lambasted Republican policies.

You can see the entire segment here.

Scarborough also asked about the jobs in Connecticut and the state of the economy.   

“In 2011, Connecticut’s economy grew faster than 41 other states, and we created -- since I became governor -- 23,500 private sector jobs, but if you don’t have one of those jobs and you’re still without a job then quite frankly it doesn’t make any difference in the world. Things are slow,” Malloy said.

He was also asked about the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican former wrestling executive Linda McMahon.

“Chris Murphy is a running a good campaign, came through the primary very strong,” Malloy said.

Then he put the spotlight  on the amount of money that McMahon has spent in running for a Senate seat. 

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