Mother and Son Saved by Teen Neighbor

A portable generator turned into a carbon monoxide danger.


An elderly Hartford woman and her adult son are alive after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning on Monday night, and they have their teenage neighbor to thank.

Around 7 p.m. on Monday night, fire crews were called to 58 Cleveland St. for a report of carbon monoxide poisoning after a neighbor realized something was wrong.

"I heard 'Help!  Help!'," Justin Brown said. "I went over there and asked. 'What's going on?' He couldn't really talk.  He couldn't really breathe."

The man stumbled back into the home, to his elderly mother who was passed out on the floor, Brown said. 

"They were both lying in the middle of the ground," Brown said. "One of them was responding. The other one was foaming at the mouth.  I was kind of scared about that."

Brown ran to his mother next door to alert her and she called 911. 

Hartford Deputy Fire Chief Clifton Cooper said the man was conscious when they arrived, but the mother had to be resuscitated.  She was awake and conscious before both were rushed to the hospital. 

The source of the carbon monoxide was a generator running in the basement.  Deputy Chief Cooper said the levels were lethal. 

"Off the charts.  As high as the readings can go on the meter, that's what the readings were," he said.

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