Mother, Son From Ansonia Deploy to West Virginia Flood Zone

With their red disaster relief vests, Missy and Ryan Lundeen are ready to respond to the flood disaster zone in West Virginia.

“It’s horrible,” Missy said. “It’s horrifying. I could not imagine what these people are going through.”

“Seeing it first hand is completely different than seeing it on TV” Ryan said.

When they arrive Tuesday in the Mountain State as volunteer American Red Cross client caseworkers, this mother and son duo from Ansonia will see first-hand the devastation that has claimed 23 lives and displaced hundreds of families from their homes.

“You see how high up the water levels are and that automatically raises some concern because of just how high the water can get,” Ryan said, “and it shows the sheer force of water.”

There are almost 20 shelters across the impacted counties. The Red Cross is providing meals, medications and relief supplies.

“Despite mother nature showing some bad,” Ryan said. “You see people coming together to still show good.”

Missy has volunteered with the Red Cross for five years. Her son, who will turn 19 during their two week deployment, first joined her on a mission last spring to severe flooding in Louisiana.

“He’s coming with me again this time and I couldn’t be more proud,” Missy said. “Couldn’t be a prouder mom and a prouder volunteer to have my son at my side.”

You can help West Virginia flood victims by donating to the Red Cross Disaster Relief at or by calling (800) RED-CROSS. You can make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

“If you can make some donations,” Ryan said. “I see where they go. I know they get to where they have to go, and if you could provide some it gets there.”

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