Mountain Laurel Sudbury School in Newington to Close

The Mountain Laurel Sudbury School in Newington is closing. It will be closed as of September 2019, according to the school’s website

The Mountain Laurel Sudbury School opened in September 2002 with eight students.

“So, it is with deepest regret that I must announce that Mountain Laurel Sudbury School will not be reopening its doors for this coming school year. Sudbury Schools are fully funded by tuition and donations. The most successful Sudbury Schools have a lot of financial backing and usually a site that’s been donated to them. Unfortunately, not all Sudbury Schools get that kind of backing and times can be hard when student interest is low. This was in no way an easy decision; MLSS touched the lives of many students and as the last Sudbury School in Connecticut, its loss will surely be felt by the future students unable to attend,” part of the statement on the school website says.

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