Mountain Lion Sightings Reported in Woodbridge: Police

NBC Universal, Inc.

Police have a warning after there were multiple mountain lion sightings reported in Woodbridge.

According to authorities, the mountain lion was reportedly seen on Friday including on Salem Road and near Pease Road. The mountain lion is believed to have had an encounter with a family on their lawn.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you come across or see a big cat like a mountain lion:

  • Be mindful of small pets and small children.
  • Do not approach the animal.
  • Make yourself big -- do not bend, squat or sit down. Put your arms over your head with a jacket or sweatshirt.
  • Do not run. This can trigger a chase. Stay facing the animal and try not to turn your back to it.
  • Make noise-- be as loud as you can while you make yourself as big as you can.
  • Fight back. If needed, throw rocks, sticks, etc. to scare it off.

The sightings were reported to the state Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection. These sightings have not been confirmed as true mountain lion sightings.

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