Mozzicato Brothers Carry Tradition of Excellence From Bakery to Baseball Diamond

Anthony and Frank Mozzicato grew up at the family bakery, Mozzicatos, in Hartford.

“All the time in school, if a teacher would ask ‘are you related to the Mozzicatos in Hartford,’ I’d be like ‘yeah’ and they’d say ‘oh you’ve got to bring me a cannoli sometime," said Frank.

Now these two brothers are making a name for themselves away from the bakery. Anthony and Frank are coming off outstanding seasons as pitchers at East Catholic High School and they look out for each other on the field.

“I’ve seen him do so many things so I can teach him the things that I’ve learned,” said East Catholic graduate Anthony.

“He’s taught me a lot,” Frank added.

Next year, Anthony will carry the Mozzicato name to the college level to pitch at Central Connecticut State University.

“First, it was really close to home, really like the coaches too,” said Anthony. “They made me feel important, which was really cool for me.”

“I want to play division one baseball and follow in his footsteps,” said rising junior Frank.

The brothers are hoping to carry the Mozzicato standard from the bakery to the baseball field.

“Make sure you show with class, always do the right thing so you can represent the name well,” said Anthony.

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