Mud and Crud Follow Rains

Gay City state park pond

The rains of Tuesday led to the sun of Wednesday, which leads to the rain of Thursday, and on and on goes the month of June in Connecticut.

At Rose's Berry Farm's pick-your-own patch on Hebron Avenue in Glastonbury, pickers were happy with the produce, happy enough to ignore any mud.

"We're gonna go home and make strawberry salsa for my sister's birthday," Nina Lombard said as she gathered her children.  "And we're gonna make chocolate-covered strawberries when we get home."

Winny Contreras, of the farm, said the weather had been good for the strawberries, though ripe berries are susceptible to fungus after rain, he said.

At Gay City State Park, a few minutes away in Hebron, the pond failed the most recent water quality test.

State parks workers who were putting up a "No Swimming" sign on the shore said the heavy rains washed runoff into the pond from farms upstream and waste from animals in the park also lowered water quality.

Two other swimming areas were closed because of water quality at Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth and Day Pond State Park in Colchester.

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