Murder of Real Estate Mogul Remains Unsolved 4 Years Later

A multi-millionaire real estate mogul was shot to death inside his Windsor home four years ago on Wednesday.

Exactly four years later, the murder investigation into the death of John Chakalos remains unsolved, however, a couple years after his death, his daughter was never found after being lost at sea in September 2016.

The Chakalos sisters- Elaine, Charlene and Valerie- told NBC Connecticut through their Attorney Dan Small how trying the holidays are for them, especially as time goes on without any resolution to their father’s murder.

“Holidays are a difficult time for our family, particularly as the years go by without any resolution to our father’s murder. We draw our strength from the joy we know this time of the year brought to our father. Holidays were always filled with family, friends and happy celebrations. The joy it gave our father to decorate his home for Christmas and share with family, friends, neighbors, and others wanting to see the Christmas displays at his residence in West Chesterfield was the true spirit of the holiday. Giving to others was a way of life for John Chakalos. He felt blessed for all that he had and from the time he moved in to his home in New Hampshire he gave generously, especially at Christmas when he gave to nearby families in need. Our joyful memories of family holidays remain vivid. Christmas meant so much to our father, especially having the family together and sharing the spirit of the season. As time goes by we struggle with the fact there has been no resolution. Our hope is that the agencies involved in solving our father’s murder are able to one day give us answers,” the Chakalos sisters said in a statement.

Windsor police said they are working hard to obtain justice for the Chakalos family.

“It’s a bother to us. It was a very heinous crime that went unsolved and there’s a family that hasn’t had justice yet and we work hard to obtain that for them,” Windsor Police Captain Thomas LePore said.

Christmas decorations hang at the Overlook Drive home in Windsor where the wealthy businessman was shot to death in his sleep four years ago on December 20, 2013, but holiday celebrations without the 87-year-old weigh heavily on his heartbroken family.

The investigation is ongoing.

“We have no comment other than to say that this is a continuing investigation being conducted by the Cold Case Unit in the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in conjunction with the FBI, the Windsor Police Department and the Office of the State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Hartford, “Mark Dupuis, communications and legislative specialist at the Office of the Chief State's Attorney, told NBC Connecticut.

Chakalos’ grandson, Nathan Carman, is being investigated for the crime.

“He was considered a suspect. We would still consider him a suspect and as I said the investigation continues,” LePore said.

LePore said he could not comment when he was asked if there were any other suspects in Chakalos’ murder.

The Chakalos sisters filed a civil lawsuit in his native New Hampshire last summer to stop their nephew Carman from inheriting millions of dollars from his grandfather’s estate. According to paperwork, they believe Carman intentionally shot Chakalos three times out of malice and greed, and they want him declared the murderer.

The fourth Chakalos sister, Carman’s mother Linda, is feared dead after disappearing from Carman’s boat off the coast of Rhode Island in September 2016.

The same lawsuit points a finger at Carman in regards to his missing mom because his aunts feel he had something to do with her disappearance.

Without legal action, the lawsuit says, the portion of Chakalos’ estate due to be paid to Linda Carman would pass to her son.

That lawsuit is still working its way through the New Hampshire courts and Carman has not been charged with his grandfather’s murder or his mother’s disappearance.

For now, Chakalos’ three daughters hold on to memories of the fantastic holiday light display at their father’s mansion in New Hampshire. The gates are opened to the public every year in exchange for food donations to support a local pantry.

The attorneys for Carman did not have a comment for the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters.

There is still a $250,000.00 reward for answers in the unsolved murder of Chakalos.

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