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Murder Victim's Twin Brother Speaks Out

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Police say 23-year-old Nick Eisele was killed when UConn student Peter Manfredonia went on a multi-day, multi-state rampage. Now Eisele's twin brother is speaking out.

It has been three months since Manfredonia went on a multi-day, multi-state rampage, that involved two alleged murders, and a kidnapping. He faces multiple murder, kidnapping, and home invasion charges.

He has pleaded not guilty to all of them.

Michael Eisele, the twin brother of one of his alleged victims, Nick Eisele, spoke with NBC Connecticut about his family's loss and the aftermath of his brother's killing.

“I miss him so much every day I think it’s so unfair”, Eisele said.

Eisele is in the midst of a petition drive.

He and his relatives want Manfredonia’s mother to change jobs to reduce the trauma the family is dealing with.  He has more than 1,700 signatures at last check.

Manfredonia’s mother Jeanette Roderick teaches at Newtown High School.  Eisele’s younger sister is in her senior year at that same school, a senior who also was at Sandy Hook Elementary when a gunman opened fire there almost eight years ago.

“She’s terrified to go back to school,” Eisele said, adding “I mean think about it, if someone were to murder your brother, and their mother was a teacher in your school, like, would you ever want to see them, would you ever want to see that face again? No. The answer is no”

Eisele says the school district told his family it does not have the power to transfer Roderick.  He added the district said it would make sure Roderick and his sister would have different schedules so they wouldn’t cross paths.

“It would be nearly impossible to keep them separated,” Eisele said.

This has resulted in a stalemate, which prompted Eisele to start a petition drive.

Newtown Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lorrie Rodrigue said in a statement “We can certainly sympathize with the victims and their families in this tragic case.  As a school district we cannot comment on any individual student or personnel-related matters.”

We also reached out to Roderick’s attorney for comment and have not heard back.  Eisele says his sister goes back to school next week. 

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