Murky Water Closes Waterford Beach

It looks bad and smells even worse. There’s definitely something in the Niantic River, but no one knows exactly what just yet.

DEP officers and Waterford officials are investigating the source of a milky substance with a foul odor in the river. Those who were out on the water, say something is definitely not right.

“The water was really milky and sandy looking in color. Not mention the stench. It stunk really bad,” said John Sylvestre of Waterford.

The Ledge Light Health District had closed the northern part of the river to swimmers and skiers, and closed the entire river to shell fishing and the town of Waterford also closed Kiddies Beach as a precaution. But on Sunday, the Ledge Light Health District told the two towns affected that they could re-open the swimming areas at their own discretion.

“There just seemed to be no life in the water. You couldn’t see the environment below, said Sylvestre.

At this point, the DEP thinks the substance was created by a naturally occurring event similar to an algae bloom or fish die off. Some expected one might occur in the next few days.

Water samples are being tested to determine the exact cause, but those results are not due back until early next week.

A fish die off hasn’t occurred in the Niantic River since 2003.

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