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Mystic Aquarium Teams Up to Address Climate Change

Mystic Aquarium

For this year's Earth Day, the Mystic Aquarium is joining forces with a handful of other aquariums with a goal to tackle climate change.

In partnership with 23 other members of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership, these aquariums will work together to address greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprints.

“Mystic Aquarium is proud to work along our partner institutions to be leaders in conservation and good environmental stewards. That starts with what happens right here, on our own campus,” said Katie Cubina, senior vice president of Mission Programs in a press release.

According to the aquarium, they have already completed the first phase of an institution-wide Energy Savings Plan by upgrading their lighting, HVAC and life support systems and have also conducted a baseline greenhouse gas emission audit.

In the future, the aquarium aims to transition to a hybrid and electric vehicle fleet, implement more electric vehicle charging stations and install solar panels to further utilize renewable energy.

“Our commitment to energy conservation and the responsible use of renewable energy is important to our staff and volunteers, but also to our guests and partner organizations. We all must work together to help solve the climate crisis, and we are excited to serve as a leader and model for the region," said Cubina.

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