Names on Ballots May Surprise Primary Voters Tuesday

Some of the names on Connecticut's primary election ballots may surprise voters at the polls Tuesday.

The Connecticut primaries are closed primaries, which are only for registered party members.

On their ballot, Democrats might be surprised to see the name of Rocky de la Fuente, a California man who petitioned his way with signatures onto the ballot in many states.

"Not only that, he's the first one on the line," Denise Merrill, Secretary of the State said. "That's because we randomly draw the names for who will be first on the ballot and his name came out first."

For Republicans, Ben Carson is still on the ballot even though he dropped out of the race.

"He never informed us in writing despite of many attempts on our part to reach him," Merrill said.

She and the registrars of voters in Waterbury expect a high turnout for both parties.

"After having Donald Trump come to Waterbury, I would anticipate that that would bring a larger amount of registered Republicans to the polls that day —either for or against the candidate," said Tim DeCarlo, the Republican registrar of voters.

"One thing I think is there is going to be a storm tomorrow weather-wise and that may take the count down, but yes we have a lot of activity and I think, we're anticipating a big turnout," said Democratic registrar Patricia Mulhall.

"Uncommitted" is also an option on both parties' ballots.

"You're voting to send delegates to the convention who are not committed to any of the listed candidates," Merrill said. "And interestingly, there's been more interest in this this year than previously."

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