Nanny, Baby Wait for Organ Donation

When nanny Meagan Zyskowski first met baby Lili Moore and her mom, Jayme Fralick, she was up front about her genetic chronic pancreatitis, which was diagnosed in 2010.

She had already gone through a cell transplant. Little did she know, a few months later, both she and Lili would be on waiting lists for organ donations.

“It's definitely kind of a unique situation that here I am needing a transplant and so does Lili,” said Zyskowski.

Zyskowski, 25, is on the list for a pancreas, and after five calls to Yale-New Haven Hospital, she's still waiting.

One-and-a-half year old Lili needs a new liver, after she was diagnosed with biliary atresia, where her body doesn't drain bile properly. She, too, has already undergone various procedures.

“The diagnosis in itself was overwhelming, and then just having to deal with it, going through the whole process of what's next, where do we look to, has been very overwhelming,” said Lili's father, Matthew Moore.

Fralick is looking to donate part of her liver to her daughter and is in the process of getting it approved at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

“You just know internally that you would do anything for your child and if that meant giving part of your organ, or a piece of you, you would,” said Fralick.

Zyskowski and the family hope that sharing their stories will inspire others to consider donating organs or at least be more aware of the need for organ transplants.

“My message would be just try to educate yourself and just know the facts and just understand that when you die, you can save up to eight lives,” said Zyskowski.

Both Zyskowski and Lili have GoFundMe pages set up to help them with medical expenses.

You can find their pages here:

You can also follow Lili's journey here.

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