National Group Demands Apology from Wesleyan

A flyer at the school is called "racist," "shocking" and offensive by students.

Some students at Wesleyan University described a flyer posted on their campus that read "No Colored People" racist, shocking and offensive.

The flyer has gotten national attention and one religious group is demanding an apology.

The poster went up Friday during an international celebration known as the "Festival of Colors" on the Middletown campus. 

The holiday is often celebrated by people throwing colored paint and powder at each other and organizers were concerned that students covered in the paint and powder could make a mess inside the student union, known as Usdan at Wesleyan. 

So, senior "Katherine Y." posted the fliers that read "No Colored People in Usdan: but seriously if you're covered in colored powder you can't come in." She apologized over the weekend.

The flyer caused an uproar.

“It was very insensitive to the students and others who celebrated this popular Hindu festival of colors and it was belittling the entire community,” said Rajan Zed, the president of Universal Society of Hinduism.

This Hindu leader from across the country heard about this and demanded an apology from the university.

“We are also colored you know, most of us are, and so it is very offensive, you are banning a whole class from entering the main center on campus,” Zed added.

Wesleyan apologized to the community this week and sent out a campus-wide email saying poor judgment was used.

The student behind it all called it regrettable and posted about it on a blog.

“I’m not sure why the obvious offensiveness of it didn't hit me in the face immediately and I am deeply, deeply regretful that I ever printed these."

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