Naugatuck Police Chief, Wife Respond to Alleged Racial Comments Made by Daughter

Naugatuck Police

The Naugatuck police chief and his wife released a statement after their daughter allegedly made what is described as racial comments.

Steven Hunt and his wife, Johnna, said the alleged racial comments were made approximately two years ago when she was 13 years old.

"The statements, which were sent privately to a juvenile acquaintance, were despicable in nature and inexcusable," they said.

"We have raised all three of our children in a loving household always appreciative of the rich diversity in our community and the complex and often inequitable history of race in our society. We condemn the comments made in these messages," the statement reads.

"In no way, shape or form do they reflect our hearts, minds or the love we have for
all our neighbors in this inclusive community. These words do not represent the words spoken in our home or the values and lessons we have taught our children," the statement continued.

The family said they apologize to all those who were hurt by the comments.

"Naugatuck has always been a special place for our family. We were both born and raised here, and take great pride in the wonderful, accepting community that it is... We are ashamed that this incident occurred and has portrayed our beloved Borough in a negative manner," the family said.

The family said they plan to take time to reflect on all that has transpired and they "welcome the opportunity to listen, grow and engage in respectful dialogue to begin the healing process."

Naugatuck town officials released a statement Friday condemning the alleged comments allegedly and said there are multiple investigations pending into the matter.

According to a joint statement from the mayor, the chair of the Naugatuck Police Commission, and the deputy chief of police, they were made aware of the comments circulating social media and have begun an investigation. The town's Board of Education is also investigating, and there are plans for an independent investigation from an outside party.

Officials did not specify what the comments were, but described them as "disgusting and totally inappropriate," saying that the town values inclusiveness and diversity, and adding that they "condemn any act of racism or bigotry."

"These comments are not consistent with Police Chief Hunt's character and leadership of the department as well as the values he has instilled in our Police Department," the statement reads.

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