Naugatuck Voters Mistakenly Receive 2012 Presidential Ballots

A few voters in Naugatuck were surprised to see names like "Barack Obama" and "Linda McMahon" on their ballots Tuesday.

According to a poll moderator, three voters mistakenly received 2012 presidential election ballots as the polling station was opening at Maple Hill Elementary School.

Poll moderator Chris Kuczenski said it didn't take long to catch the error and swap in the correct ballots.

"Not one person cast a vote" using an incorrect ballot, according to Kuczenski, who added that "the ballot would not have gone through the machine."

Kuczenski said it appears two packages of 2012 ballots were not properly recycled and were left in the box where ballots are stored.

She said that in the future, poll workers will arrive 15 minutes earlier to double check the ballots and voters will be kept out until the doors open.

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