NBC CT Responds: Bristol Man Unhappy With New Windows

Eric Gilbert’s $17,000 window project didn’t turn out quite the way he pictured it.

In September 2017, the Bristol man signed a contract and put down half the payment for a sliding glass door and three replacement windows.

When the installer came back to do the job six weeks later, Gilbert said he noticed the measurements were off. As a result, Gilbert said the frame was wider than he wanted.

The roof on the bay window was also a different color than the roof on the rest of the house.

Gilbert said he called the company multiple times to work out a resolution. The company told NBC Connecticut it offered to order new window products for him.

Communications between the two parties broke down and Gilbert’s account ended up in collections for the $9,000 balance.

At an impasse, Gilbert called NBC Connecticut Responds to sort out the problem.

After we got involved, the company offered Gilbert a new payment plan, reducing his balance to $2,000.

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