Neighbors Cheer After Power Restored to Neighborhood in Puerto Rico

Months after Hurricanes Maria and Irma struck, the island of Puerto Rico is still picking up the pieces, and many residents remain without electricity.

A group of linemen from the Norwich Public Utilities was sent down to help, and they’re already making a difference.

More than 4 months after the storms, about 30 percent of the island remains without power, according to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority.

Crews from NPU are trying make that percentage go down.

And when the lights come back on, it’s reason to celebrate.

This video we’re about to show really puts into perspective what it means when the lights finally come back on.

About than a week and half ago a two-man line crew from NPU packed their bags to head to Puerto Rico.

They went to the island as part of the American Public Power Association's mutual aid effort to help the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority in its restoration efforts.

NPU is working with Sacramento Municipal Utility Division, or “SMUD,” in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

In video provided to NBC Connecticut by SMUD, you see the work crews have been doing this week is well-appreciated.

It was all celebration when the lights went back on. Neighbors of the “Calle San Fernando” neighborhood in Carolina had been without power for 133 days.

And as people in their homes realized their power was back, the joy and relief was evident, and also emotional.

NPU officials say they see moments like this almost every day in storm- ravaged Puerto Rico.

As for these neighbors – they were no doubt thankful for what crews have been doing on the island.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! God bless you!” one woman can be heard calling in the video.

A spokesperson with NPU says their mutual aid efforts are a source of enormous pride. They’re glad that they can be there to help.

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