Neighbors Fight Proposed Development of Nod Road in Avon

Save Nod Road! That’s the message from neighbors in Avon.

They are worried about potential development in their area.

“It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of property that we have left in Avon,” said David Richman of Avon.

That’s part of why Richman and others are part of a group fighting to block a potential housing project off of Nod Road in Avon.

“It’s not that it’s the wrong development. It’s the wrong place,” said Richman.

They are concerned about an idea to build nearly 100 homes on part of a golf course by the Farmington River.

Neighbors fear the impact of the development including to traffic.

Edie Shiffman lives nearby.

“Right across from where they want to build the 95 houses. And in my opinion the whole thing is a sham,” said Shiffman.

Many are also worried about flooding and the developer hoping to change what part of the property is considered wetlands.

On Tuesday representatives for the developer argued before a town commission their soil tests found the current town wetlands map should be changed.

If eventually allowed to build, the developer adds the concept would protect most of the property from future development, place homes hundreds of feet from Nod Road and keep an 18-hole golf course.

Still, neighbors remain skeptical.

“As I said to my wife before we left tonight, ‘Look out the window. If they build all these homes you’re going to see all lights now instead of dark’,” said David Richman.

On Tuesday, there were lots of pointed questions and skepticism from the commission and no decisions have been made yet.

Changing the wetlands classification is still just the first step in a long process to get any project off the ground.

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