New Arrest Warrant For Accused Jewelry Thief

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There are new details on a Woodbridge couple set to go to trial for allegedly stealing more than a $1,000,000 in money, diamonds and identities in Georgia.

Seymour police said a local business owner contacted them earlier this month, claiming Eli Shetrit passed a half dozen bad checks at his store, worth more than $8,300.

Investigators tell NBC Connecticut they have an active arrest warrant for Shetrit and they're hoping to serve it in the future.

For now, a motion to reconsider bond was denied and the couple will stay locked up until their trial.

No bond was issued inside a Georgia courtroom Tuesday afternoon for the Woodbridge husband and wife who are suspected in identity thefts around Atlanta.

The Georgia judge in the case of Ayelet Ellituv and Eliahu "Eli" Shetrit is learning from Fulton County District Attorney Brad Malkin of a new investigation back here in Connecticut, involving Shetrit, only.

That police department informed the state that they have received a complaint by a business there, the Seymour food mart, saying that they have received six bad checks from  Shetrit for a total of over $8,000. 

Over a ten-day time frame, Seymour police said Shetrit wrote six bad checks that were returned for insufficient funds.

Detectives also confirming to the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters they had been used to purchase gas, food and money orders at the store.

Over the phone, the store owner told us, he’s been working closely with Seymour police.

“There appears that those money gram orders were purchased, and are as good as cash, but the checks to the store for the purchase of them bounced,” Malkin added

The store owner expressed relief learning, just yesterday the husband and wife were denied bond down south. Authorities in Georgia reached out to Woodbridge, Connecticut Police last month,

With active criminal arrest warrants for the couple.

The mother and father of three are accused of more than 50 counts of identity theft and fraud-type charges there.

“I can tell the court that they will probably be seeking warrants in the near future,” Prosecutor Malkin stated in open court.

Seymour police say Shetrit will be charged with 6 counts of passing a bad check, six counts of issuing a bad check and larceny in the third degree.

We also reached out to the suspects' attorney for comments – Eli Shetrit’s attorney had no comment. We did not hear back from his wife’s attorney.

The couple is set to go on trial later this year. Dontaye Carter the Director of Public Affairs for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office released this statement to the Troubleshooters.

“On February 22, 2017, defendants Eliahu Shetrit and Ayelet Ellituv were arrested. During a bond hearing six days later, Fulton county superior court judge John Goger decided to not grant bond to both defendants. The couple faces a 58-count indictment which includes charges of 1- count of rico, 36-counts of theft by taking, 7-counts of violation Georgia securities act of 2008, 8-counts of forgery in the 3rd degree, 2-counts of computer theft, 4-counts of identity fraud. Following that bond hearing, the defense attorneys representing Shetrit and Ellituv filed a motion for reconsideration of bond. On March 28, 2017, judge Goger considered the motion for reconsideration of bond. Attorneys with our office argued the defendants represented a flight risk based upon the couple attempting to flee prosecution in the past. Prosecutors also argued the release of the two defendants could place other innocent victims at-risk. Our office cited a 2017 Connecticut case as an example of what might happen to other victims if the couple was released. While the defendants were out on bond from their 2015 arrest on deposit account fraud and forgery, Shetrit scammed a store in Connecticut of at least $8,400.00. Between February 1, 2017, and February 11, 2017, Shetrit wrote (6) six bad checks to Seymour food mart for money orders. The Seymour police department has informed our office the defendants will likely be charged with felony larceny in the 3rd degree for that crime. Judge Goger ended the hearing by affirming his previous decision of no bond.”

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