New Baseball Season Begins in New Britain

It’s a new baseball season and in New Britain, there’s a new team.

On Thursday, fans could check out the players of the New Britain Bees and the newly renovated stadium.

The exhibition game was a face-off against an all-star team from the Connecticut Twilight League.

This was also about the fan experience as people could see what a new season and a new team will be like, including a way to see the game as if you were in it.

“The ballpark just looks absolutely tremendous,” Patrick Day, general manager of the New Britain Bees, said.

Day is proud of the changes at New Britain Stadium; from the new banner outside to a new infield to a fresh coat of paint.

The team has been busy getting ready for the season by lining up corporate sponsorships, selling some 500 season tickets and making sure the new staff and players get to know each other.

“Everybody has been coming together. The mood and attitude has been fabulous,” Day said.

One first expected for Thursday’s game was a camera strapped to the helmet of a batter and a catcher.

It’s the first time the camera, made by a company called UHWK, debuted at a professional baseball game.

“For the most part, fans have not seen 90 mile-an-hour fast balls. They haven’t seen what it’s like for a batter to react to a pitch so quickly. So we’re going to get that footage and that’s just a really cool experience for our fans,” Chris Knoblock, the team’s broadcaster & media relations, said.

This is just another way this new team hopes to attract new fans to this Atlantic League start up.

“Great baseball and awesome entertainment with amazing food,” Day said.

The season opener is next Thursday.

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