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New Britain Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Beehive Bridge With Outdoor Festival

The event was organized with several social distancing measures in place.

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It’s not something we’ve seen a lot of lately. Public gatherings in the name of celebration. There have been small parties and get-togethers but not many like the one held Friday night on New Britain's Beehive Bridge.

The bridge, known for its ornate honeycomb architectural design, opened one year ago. Commemorating this anniversary, the city held something very rare these days, a public party.

Organizers say 420 tickets were sold for the Beehive Bridge Festival, which featured live music, food trucks and beer from two local breweries.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this fabulous. I’m having the time of my life, to be honest,” said Virgin Sherry of Hartford.

After three months of planning and several obstacles overcome, Mayor Erin Stewart was happy to see it come to fruition.

“We were worried we would have to cancel a couple of times with some of the orders that came out but everything worked out great,” Stewart said.

The bridge itself was decked out with several tables spaced 12 feet apart, each marked off accordingly for social distance. Masks were required for anyone leaving their designated tablespace. Traffic flow was also organized with signage directing people around the area.

“They’ve got the distancing. The way they’ve got the tables set up. Everything is really perfect,” said Sherry.

The event was sold out. Those attending say after months with few social events, this was something they needed.

“It’s good to be out and among people again,” said Himbya Sherry.

Others agreed, explaining with winter coming it was important to do this now.

“I think we needed this a long time ago so it’s good that we’re out now before we all get stuck in our houses again,” said Crow Higgins of New Britain.

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