New Britain Launches Program to Welcome Puerto Rico

The Consolidated School District of New Britain in partnership with the CCSU-Ana Grace Project Relief Effort officially announced their Hurricane Relief Welcoming Campaign.

The campaign hopes to welcome students from Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other communities impacted by the recent natural disasters. The district has enrolled 97 students from hurricane-ravaged areas.

One of the students is 12-year-old Yariana Velasquez who moved from Puerto Rico three weeks ago with her pregnant mother and stepfather, Francisco Morales. Luckily, Morales has an uncle they’re staying in New Britain after Hurricane Maria ravaged much of the island.

“No branches, no leaves like mass destruction,” said Morales.

With at least 75 more students expected to come from the island, the school district has teamed up with the CCSU-Ana Grace Project Relief effort – announcing today, the start of the city’s Hurricane Relief Welcoming Campaign.

Once families who need to register their children in school arrive in New Britain, they will be asked to go to visit one of three locations to register the child, depending on their grade.

“The first one is located on 183 Steele Street these are for students entering grades pre-k through grade 8,” said CSDNB Superintendent, Nancy Sarra. The address is located behind Slade Middle School.

Students grades 9th through 12th grade should register at New Britain High School on 110 Mill Street. And at each of these registration locations, there will be a translator on site.

Students interested in enrolling at Central Connecticut State University should go to the university’s admissions department.

The Hurricane Relief Welcome Campaign is all about 'love wins' – it’s the phrase Nelba Marquez-Greene’s family adopted – she’s the founder of the Ana Grace Project which started after her daughter was killed in the Sandy Hook Shooting.

"This is how love wins – making sure that all students have the opportunity to be successful," Marquez-Greene said.

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