New Britain Police Seek Man Who Dumped Dogs in Park

Two dogs need a new home while New Britain police try to figure out who dumped them at Walnut Hill Park on Tuesday afternoon.

"It shouldn't happen," said a woman visiting the park. "I don't know how somebody can do that to some beautiful animals."

The dogs' ages are unknown, but based on witness accounts and photos posted on the New Britain Police for Pups Facebook page, both appear young – possibly still puppies – and in good health. They are likely German Shepherds or shepherd mixes.

Bristol resident Brittany Pietrowicz witnessed the ditching and notified police.

"I saw a truck on the right side of me pull up and let two German Shepherds out. They looked to be purebred, they were gorgeous," Pietrowicz explained. "They ran off. They had no leashes. No one was catching them. And he got right back in the car and drove off."

Pietrowicz said the man who dumped them was driving a red pickup truck with Florida plates. She was unable to get the plate number and couldn't catch up with the dogs when they ran. An owner of six dogs herself, all rescues, Pietrowicz said the man should have known better.

"So many people would've taken those dogs – either a rescue or Humane Society or anybody would've adopted them – so it's a shame that he chose that path to dump them," she said.

Officers were able to corral the two pooches later in the day Tuesday. Park visitors, told of the news, expressed concern.

"Hopefully [the dogs] maybe have a chip in their mouth where they can find their owners," one woman suggested. "Someone's got to be looking for those animals."

Anyone with information about the dogs or their owner is asked to contact New Britain police.

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