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New Britain Group Accepting Donations to Help Victims of Puerto Rico Earthquakes

Mofongo Restaurant
NBC Connecticut

In Puerto Rico, families are still reeling after a series of earthquakes rocked the island. The natural disaster destroyed homes and caused families to live inside tints.

Vincent Placeres, the owner of Mofongo Restaurant, has relatives who were on the island when the earthquakes hit.

“Earthquakes are powerful, and they can cause a lot of damage,” said Placeres. “I touched base with my family and they tell me they don’t have any water or power.”

On Tuesday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico, killing at least one person and causing widespread power outages across the island.

Damaged roads and bridges could be seen throughout the southwestern region.

“I think anytime that a country or family goes through a tragedy like (an) earthquake or a natural fire, it can be devastating,” said Placeres. “A lot of people are living outside their homes and they’re scared about what could happen next.”

Inside the New Britain restaurant, workers prepare meals for hungry customers while thinking of love ones.

Amir Commodore’s grandmother, aunt and cousins tell him they’re working to overcome the natural disaster.

“It’s difficult not being able to do anything from such a far distance and knowing that they want and need help,” said Commodore. “I know that God is on my side and my number one priority is to always make sure everyone is OK.”

The Community Foundation of Greater New Britain is accepting monetary donations to help families who are still recovering. If you would like to donate, click here.

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