New Britain High Gets Award, Visit from Actress

New Britain High School is the proud winner of $50,000 in software and equipment from Texas Instruments, all thanks to one of its students and the Hollywood star who once played “Blossom” on NBC. 
Senior Nick Lombardo entered a Facebook contest and wrote a 750-word essay about why New Britain High School deserved to win the technology. 

“Should be pretty easy. Do it. Forget about it for two months and get called into the office and find out we won,” the 16-year-old said.

His essay was so strong, he won something else as well -- Mayim Bialik, who in between her hit NBC show in the 90s and her current role in the “Big Bang Theory,” earned her PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. 

As a spokesperson for Texas Instruments, she was at New Britain High on Tuesday, honoring Lombardo and teaching students how to use the new gadgets. 

“Part of what I do with Texas Instruments is to put a female face and a fresh face and, obviously a face that kids know from television, to put that face on science, technology, education and math,” Bialik said.

Lombardo saw the need in his urban school hit-hard by budget cuts, but realized it meant so much more. 

“You always hear bad things about New Britain and I hope that this will put New Britain on the map for positive things,” Lombardo said.

This MIT-hopeful and future physicist hopes to empower his fellow classmates to be successful as well. 

“Now everyone can have access to a calculator,” Lombardo said.


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