New Britain Man Tries Getting Dad Kidney by Writing Message on Truck

Richard Krusinski's kidneys are failing, dialysis is inevitable, and it could take years before he receives the kidney transplant he needs.

"The whole thing is a big shock," said Richard.

His son, John Krusinski, of New Britain, said his father has to wait almost four years for a transplant.

It's an amount of time John decided was too long, so he plastered his truck with a plea for help, asking for someone to consider donating a kidney to his dad.

"I drive all around Connecticut. I go to Boston a lot, so I figured if I put that on the back of my truck, hundreds of cars are seeing me daily," said John.

A month passed and not much came from it, so John turned to Facebook this week. The response was overwhelming.

"Yesterday alone I responded to about 30 emails, Facebook messages probably 20 or more," said John.

Hundreds shared his post, and people all across the country reached out to see if they're a match.

"Completely amazed, and I'm blown away," said John.

"So nice to see people trying to help you out, people don't even know you," said Richard.

For Richard, it was an unexpected gift from his son, and no matter how it turns out, he hopes his story raises awareness and maybe even connects donors to others in need.

"It's just amazing how many people are waiting for different organs, and you could end up saving a life and helping a life continue," said Richard.

John said he and his two sisters plan on getting tested next week to see if they're able to donate one of their kidneys to their dad.

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