Pot Through the Mail Ends in Big Bust

If you are going to order a package with more than 100 pounds of marijuana inside, you might not want it shipped through the mail. There’s a good chance that you’re going to get caught.

Problems started for Axie Farquharson, 36, of New Britain, when police got wise to what was inside a wooden crate. Ih held 135 pounds of pot worth $675,000 that were destined for a New Britain apartment, police said. 

On March 5, New Britain police searched a big wooden crate that was to be delivered to 678 Arch St., in New Britain. They did have a warrant, police said.

But the investigation did not end with the stash.

On March 9, investigators brought the pot parcel to the slated destination  and found a man who told them he was waiting for the parcel, police said.

Farquharson signed for the package and police nabbed him, police said. It just might be one of the largest pot busts in state history.

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