New Britain To Upgrade Traffic Signal System

Getting where you need to go in less time -- that's the goal behind a major traffic signal upgrade in New Britain.

Now the city plans to modernize its downtown traffic signal system to reduce wait times at the light and pollution in the air.

For example: the intersection of East Main and Myrtle Street will reducing wait times by nearly 40 percent and cut down on carbon monoxide emissions by 16 percent.

A total of 23 traffic signals will be upgraded or replaced across downtown New Britain. City officials said many of the signals are closely spaced and not coordinated.

The plan is being paid for with $3 million dollars in funding from Department of Transportation and won’t cost taxpayers a dime. New Britain is one of 13 cities that have received the funding.

A centralized work station will also be created at the public works department where all the traffic signals can be monitored and adjusted as needed.

Work is expected to begin Spring of 2017.

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