New Connecticut Bill Could Compile Online List of Convicted Animal Abusers

State lawmakers will soon take up a bill that could track an online list of names and photos of people convicted of having intentionally abused animals.

"We think a vibrant and robust tracking system of animal abusers to identify them across the state of Connecticut would be a good thing to do and perhaps send a very significant that that is not going to be tolerated in the state of Connecticut—animal abuse," said Michael Freda, Co-Chair of the Task Force on the Humane Treatment of Animals.

The initiative is part of a bill being proposed by the Task Force on the Humane Treatment of Animals. Committee members said an animal abuse registry would also help shelters and rescues.

"It will certainly be useful to rescue groups like protectors of animals because before we even adopt out a dog or a cat we can check the registry to see if that person had any kind of history of abuse," said Elizabeth Abbe, Protectors of Animals Rescue Group.

Members said the proposal hopes to bring more accountability to animal abuse offenders.

Tennessee was the first state to release a similar registry, which was just implemented the first of this year.

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