New Data Shows CT ‘On Track' to Contain COVID-19

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Some new research is showing how well Connecticut has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite some favorable findings, experts said that this is no time for people to let their guards down.

Researchers with the organization Covid Act Now are using real-time modeling and metrics to figure out where states stand in the battle against COVID-19. 

“We need good information and data to make good decisions and that sort of lead to ‘acting now’.”

As of July 6, a map of the United States on the group’s website showed Connecticut as one of the only states in the country to be shaded in green, which signified it was “on track to contain COVID”. The analysis showed cases were steadily decreasing and Connecticut’s COVID preparedness was meeting or exceeding international standards. 

"The U.S. is like 50 different countries because what is happening in each state can vary so widely,” said Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, public policy lead for Covid Act Now.

The organization touts itself as "a multidisciplinary team of technologists, epidemiologists, health experts, and public policy leaders working to provide disease intelligence and data analysis on COVID in the U.S."

Covid Act Now said it uses data from several sources to assess risk based on the rate at which infections are spreading. Each person in Connecticut with COVID-19 was infecting about .73 percent of other people, according to analysis as of July 6. The number of Connecticut cases has been shrinking, the research showed. 

Researchers also looked at the rate of positive cases among all those being tested, which stood at .8 percent as of July 6. 

Another metric used was how much of the capacity of hospital Intensive Care Units in the state was being used. That figure was 12 percent, according to the most recent data. 

Covid Act Now also analyzed the level of contact tracing being done within Connecticut to contain the virus. 

"How Connecticut is managing its COVID response is one of the top states in the country right now - at least in terms of the direction things are headed. Things are going in a good direction,” said Kreiss-Tomkins.

However, the numbers are continuously changing as more data comes in.

“It's going to do what viruses do so it's up to us to be on guard and be cautious,” Kreiss-Tomkins said.

Learn more about Covid Act Now and track Connecticut’s progress here. 

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