New Details on Father Accused of Holding Underage Drinking Parties

A Connecticut father facing criminal charges for allegedly allowing dozens of teenagers to drink on his property the night of a fatal car crash that killed one attendee was warned about the underage parties in the past, court documents say.

Paul Sibiga was arrested Thursday and charged with reckless endangerment and allowing minors to drink on his property. Police said the 66-year-old father of three's negligence led to a deadly crash by his Marlborough home that killed 17-year-old Paige Houston.

The tragic August crash wasn't the first incident involving teen drinking reported at the property, according to police. Sibiga’s arrest warrant shows police had warned him in April of 2012 about his kids throwing underage parties at his place on North Parker Road after a teen was run over by a car during a party and rushed to the hospital. 

Investigators said they told Sibiga at the time that he could be liable if there were more problems. He now faces criminal charges.

The revelation alarmed one local parent whose daughter had friends attending the party.

“If he knew what was going on and allowed that to happen…it’s terrifying,” Luke Olden said.

Police say Sibiga admitted that his son had a party the night Houston, a student and cheerleader at RHAM High School, was ejected from a car driven by another teen who was at the gathering. In all, detectives said 28 teens were there, including some who admitted there was drinking and drug use. 

Court documents show that teens said there were parties at Sibiga’s almost weekly during the summer, and they had access to liquor, marijuana and “Molly,” a drug similar to ecstasy.

According to investigators, Sibiga usually had a rule for the teens who showed up: If they drank they had to give up their car keys and stay overnight. 

Sibiga’s attorney said his client, who was charged with 28 counts of reckless endangerment and letting minors have alcohol, did not have a previous criminal record.  He was released from jail Thursday night.

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