Architect to Take Over Hartford Ballpark Completion Project

The architect firm originally hired to design the stadium will now need to evaluate what needs to be done to complete the Hartford ballpark, the city announced on Tuesday. 

Mayor Luke Bronin confirmed that Arch Insurance has entered into an agreement with Pendulum, an architecture firm, to finish the stadium starting as early as Wednesday, the city said in a statement. 

“Despite all the distractions, threats, and gamesmanship, we’ve stayed laser-focused on getting Arch Insurance to take over construction of the ballpark, because it’s the best result for Hartford and for Hartford’s taxpayers. Arch has not yet taken full responsibility, but by formally engaging the architect, they’ve taken a significant step forward in that direction," Bronin said. 

Pendulum has been instructed by Arch to do what's called a "scope of work" to determine what needs to be done to complete the stadium.

The former developer, Centerplan, started construction on the stadium in February 2015 and missed a March and May deadline in 2016, which caused the city to invoke the $46 million insurance policy. Centerplan was fired from the project in June. 

In July, Centerplan announced it was suing the city, claiming Hartford did not use proper dispute resolution channels laid out in their joint agreement before being terminated. 

"“There is no way the architect is owed what the city paid them. Centerplan also complained that the drawings were never complete and the fact that they paid the architect is proof that Centerplan was right in that the drawings were never complete. Unless the architect finishes its work, no one can finish the job. As a result of that, it’s clear the city had no basis to terminate Centerplan because the drawings were never complete," said Ray Garcia, an attorney for Centerplan.

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