Strange and Secret Spots

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NBC Connecticut
Tucked between Hartford’s Pope Park and busy Interstate 84 is one of the few spots where you can spot some hidden history. If you have not heard of the Park River, maybe it is because you cannot always see it. The waterway flows underground, under the Capital City for more than two miles.
In Cromwell, just off of Route 372 next to a condominium complex is what is left of a Cold War relic: a Nike Missile site.
In the heart of the Elm City is the New Haven Green; an open space and gathering place for concerts, demonstrations and the annual tree lighting. But underneath all of that activity is what some might consider to be a morbid marvel. The Green was once a cemetery, the final resting place for thousands and thousands of people.
NBC Connecticut
In West Hartford, what appears to be a house stands at the busy intersection of South Main Street and Park Road. Despite a seemingly typical brick exterior, black shutters and white windowpanes, no one is living in the structure - because it is not a home.
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