New Hartford Businesses Cash In on High Temps

High temps means big bucks for summer businesses, according to owners in New Hartford.

"We can plan our days according to the temperature," said Farmington River Tubing manager Jeremy Harraden.

Harraden said a heat wave as a business manager is nothing to be upset about.

"When i'm watching the weather and I see the hot days, I'm thinking, bring in extra staff, blow up more equipment, and I'm gonna get ready," said Harraden.

For tubers, the only complaint on a hot day is the distance between road to river.

"It's a little hot getting here in the car but it's good to do this," said Amber Robert of West Springfield.

On land, Lasalle Market in Collinsville takes full advantage of the hot temps one plate at a time. Because cooler seasons usually has their busy days on ice.

"It's hard in the winter time, you notice the difference on rainy days as well just cause the outside activities out here. So the heat helps," said Lasalle manager Jessie Deloy.

At Collinsville Canoe and Kayak, managers said not only do customers flood the garage to rent boats but the river too.

"It gets so busy, you could almost walk across the boats when they're all in the water,especially Saturday and Sunday we have about 200 boats that are out on the water. It gets crazy," said manager Janelle Boratko.

While summer temperatures make the thermometers boil, businesses admit they are overflowing with joy.

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