New Hartford

New Hartford Woman Scares Off Bear That Tried to Get to Her Goats

A New Hartford woman had a scary moment Friday morning when a bear tried to get to her baby goats, but she was able to scare it off. 

Brittney Mitchell said her goats were out in her yard on Cotton Hill Road when the bear tried to get past the fence and into the goat enclosure, but she was not going to let them become breakfast. 

“I hear my dogs barking, so I book it down the stairs and there is just a large bear standing here, so I walk outside and I tried to shoo him away with my voice and it wasn’t working,” Mitchell said. 

Then she grabbed laundry detergent and threw the bottle at the bear, but that did not work. 

Then she picked up a helium tank, yelled and sang and the bear did leave and head into the woods. 

Mitchell’s goats, Billy and Freddy, are only a month old and this is not their first encounter with a bear. 

Mitchell said three bears tried to get into the goat enclosure three days ago. 

When another bear showed up on Friday, she called the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for help, but the bear was already gone when DEEP staff arrived. 

Since last May, there have been more than 8,700 bear sightings in Connecticut, including 188 in New Hartford. 

Mitchell said she will be taking advice from DEEP and will get bear spray, put a light on the enclosure and use ammonia to detract bears.  

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