New Haven a Key Part of Transportation Overhaul

One of the cornerstones of Gov. Dannel Malloy's transportation proposal is improving infrastructure along the Interstate 95 corridor.

Widening I-95 in both directions from New Haven could transform how people view the city and compare it to others in the region, according to New Haven economic development officials.

“The extra lane going all the way from New Haven to Greenwich to the New York border will change people’s perception of being 70 miles from New York City," said Matt Nemerson, who handles economic development for the city.

Increasing travel speeds and adding a lane could make New Haven closer to suburbs just by improving access.

Nemerson said just getting people through Greenwich and Bridgeport faster would make travel much easier and better for recruiting employers.

"If we can get it down to 45 minutes, it means that the high quality of life and the low cost of real estate means that we can compete with White Plains, with Stamford, and all of those places and all of the businesses that need to be back and forth to Westchester and the downtown New York area," said Nemerson.

Malloy said he wants to replace the electrical system along the Metro-North New Haven Line, adding that the ramp-up of his $100 billion transportation proposal includes a commitment to rail because plans have already been complete.

“We'll continue as fast as we can, the modernization of the Metro-North line. The Walk Bridge (in Norwalk) is paid for," Malloy said.

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