New Haven Introduces Mobile App for Parking Payments

New Haven is introducing the Parkmobile smart phone app as a quick and easy means of feeding the meter at on-street parking spots around the city.

The app allows users to pay for parking remotely. Registration is free at Once registered, users can make a payment through the app, online or by a calling a toll-free number.

The Parkmobile app is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

Users are given the option of receiving text alerts 15 minutes before their meters expire and can add money without returning to the meter.

Basic and Preferred memberships are available. Basic members are charged a 33-cent convenience fee each time they use the app. The fee is reduced to 28 cents when Basic member use the “Wallet” payment method. The Wallet allows users to load a designated sum of money onto their accounts from which payments are deducted.

Preferred members pay a monthly fee of 99 cents with a 28-cent convenience fee, reduced to 23 cents with the Wallet.

“Our mobile payment service is an example of another technology that can make our lives easier and more efficient,” said Parkmobile CEO Cherie Fuzzell.

Parkmobile services are also offered in areas of Hartford and Norwalk. New Haven is the only Connecticut city to adopt Parkmobile at all metered parking locations.

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