Man’s Bizarre Pose After New Haven Arrest

Jonathan Leff wouldn't leave a New Haven bar when asked, according to police.

jonathan leff_722_406
New Haven Police

Police arrested a man who wouldn't leave a New Haven bar Monday night.

Officers were called to The Owl Shop, a cigar cafe at 268 College Street around 11:45 p.m. Monday. There they found Jonathan Leff, 45, sitting at a table in the back and banging a piece of metal on the table. Employees said Leff wouldn't leave the bar.

Police asked Leff it was time to go, to which he responded "no", according to police. Officers asked him to leave a second time, and he still refused to go, police said.

They tried to handcuff Leff, who struggled with officers, police said. They finally subdued him with the help of two Yale University police officers.

Leff was taken to New Haven Police Headquarters, where he posed for a mug shot by sticking out his tongue.

He was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing and interfering with police.

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