New Haven Beefs Up Snow Removal Plan

new haven emergency drill

When it comes to cleaning up after winter weather, things will be a little different this year in New Haven.

The new approach will include “more firepower, better planning, better communication,” according to New Haven Deputy Emergency Management Director Rick Fontana.

Nine new trucks will be brought in for snow removal and a new snow blower will help better clear the congested parts of downtown.

“We have a new snow plower – I'm so excited – a 10-foot snow blower that will blow the snow into trucks, and we'll be able to get closer to the curb, and our streets downtown, in particular, will be a lot cleaner, a lot faster,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

Twenty new snow routes have also been established, including eight smaller routes to cover narrow streets, seven arterial routes and a way to handle dead ends and cul-de-sacs to make sure every part of New Haven is getting cleaned with the proper equipment.

“We've changed a lot of things that we think will improve the overall outcome for snow removal in our town,” said Harp.

But officials warned that the city can only do its part if residents do theirs by moving cars off the streets during citywide parking bans.

The city is asking all residents to register with the city's emergency communication system through the city's website or by calling 203-946-SNOW.

“We'll be sending messages out and telling people how to prepare and when to prepare,” said Fontana.

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