New Haven Woman Says Goodbye to Husband, Burglar Responds

A New Haven woman scared off a burglar when she shouted goodbye to who she thought was her husband leaving for work.

Police said the woman, a resident of Hobart Street, heard someone walking around downstairs early Wednesday morning and assumed it was her husband on his way out the door.

She called out, "Goodbye, Rob!" and the burglar – not her husband – responded.

It's not clear what he said or why he answered, but police think it may have been "a spontaneous and foolish reaction to hearing his name called," leading them to believe the burglar is also named Rob, according to New Haven police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

Police said he broke through a first-floor window and got away with a PlayStation.

Investigators haven't obtained a description of the suspect but said they think they're looking for someone named Rob.

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