New Haven Dad Accused of Beating Fussy 5-Month-Old

A New Haven dad is accused of beating his 5-month-old son after the infant became fussy in the car, police said. 

Aaron Lamson, of New Haven, was arrested on one count of third-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor. 

On Tuesday, New Haven detectives launched an investigation after the infant was brought to the hospital with a black eye, scratches and a bruise the shape of a hand print on his face, according to police. 

Police said Lamson dropped off the baby's mother at work and had the baby and their dog in the car with him while he waited for her to get out of work. 

Lamson told police that his son was crying and refusing his bottle when the dog got out of the car and had to be chased. According to police, Lamson was frustrated when he got back into the car with a crying baby and the dog started drinking his ice tea. 

The 23-year-old allegedly, "couldn't take the crying anymore", and slapped the baby with an open hand, according to New Haven Police. He told police he didn't think the hit was "forceful".

Prior to confessing to officers, Lamson told the baby's mother that the child may have been injured while sitting in the car seat, according to police.

Police said when they first confronted Lamson, he fabricated a story about driving the baby to Shelton to meet up with his brother and even accused his brother of being the one to harm the baby, New Haven Police said. 

New Haven Police said they were contacted by a doctor and DCF staff member at Yale-New Haven Pediatric Hospital. 

It is not clear when Lamson is expected to appear in court. 

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