New Haven DPW Crews Fix Potholes As Weather Warms Up

It’s that time of year when you and your car can feel them.

As winter winds down, potholes are popping up on main roads and in neighborhoods.

In the Westville section of New Haven, Robin Gales told NBC Connecticut the potholes in her neighborhood are expanding.

“It sounds like your tire is going to pop because of the pressure because they’re so deep,” Gales said. “You can’t even duck the potholes because you come into the opposite lane of the oncoming traffic, so it’s dangerous.”

Gales said she doesn’t want any more damage to her care after spending more than $300 on Friday at an auto repair shop.

“I had to go get brakes done and something else that had to do with hitting the potholes, the alignment of your car,” she said.

The arrival of warmer weather after recent winter storms means there are potholes plaguing drivers through the city.

“Lot of potholes out there so just be patient we’ll get to them,” said Dave Lawlor from the New Haven Department of Public Works.

Lawlor’s crew is one of four from DPW that took advantage of Monday’s good weather to fill-in potholes in problem spots, like a stretch of Chapel Street near the Yale Bowl.

“We got new patch from New York, it’s more permanent patch it stays in a lot better and goes down easier so we should have no problem,” Lawlor said.

Fortunately for car owners in Gales’ neighborhood, someone used the SeeClickFix app to alert the DPW about the pesky potholes on Marvelwood Drive.

“You call your alderman and they do return your calls, but they don’t run the city departments,” Denise Botto from New Haven said. “The city department tells your they’re coming out you have more faith in it.”

Residents can also report potholes by calling the Department of Public Works.

While crews are asking for patients, they hope to respond to a complaint within 48-72 hours, Lawlor said.

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