New Haven Family Mourns Death of Son

More than a week after Javier Martinez was gunned down, New Haven Police are still trying to figure out who killed the 18 year old.

"I don't think I can remember one negative thing about him," said his aunt Kathy Sanchez, who insists she's trying to remember all the positive things about her nephew. "He got along with everyone. He loved his bike and loved just having fun."

The slaying of Martinez, who was shot dead as he was walking to a friend's house three days after Christmas,  and other violent crimes were the focus of a meeting Thursday amongst his family, community members and police.

Family members, still trying to wrap their heads around the reality that they've lost him, told NBC Connecticut there was no reason to believe Martinez had any enemies.

"For this to happen to such an innocent person we want it to stop," Sanchez said.

Police said it was a single gunshot that killed Martinez near Russell and Hemingway Streets. His principal at Common Ground High School says Martinez was making strides in the environmental world including getting an exclusive internship with the nature conservancy

"He'll live on through all these people and the work that he's left and people keeping his memory alive but this is definitely a tragedy," said Liz Cox, principal of Common Ground High School.

Neighbors met with police to discuss this tragedy, offer condolences to the Martinez family and figure out ways to curb the senseless violence

"The relationship building I've seen here tonight. We can't lose that momentum," said Alderman Richard Spears, who helped organize the event.

Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke about Martinez' death Thursday on the Senate floor, stating Martinez was someone who was raised by his grandmother and had future aspirations.

"He came back his senior year and was just serious about school, definitely looking at college," Cox said.

Police say they're confident they can find the man or men responsible for this crime.

Martinez would've graduated from high school in June.

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