New Haven Felon Found With Drugs, Stolen Handgun: Police

A convicted felon was arrested on drug and weapons violations after a local resident called police to report a suspicious car parked in his backyard, according to New Haven police.

Police said 34-year-old Abdul-Hakim Ali, of Turtle Creek in East Hartford, and one other man were sitting in a parked car in back of a home on Elm Street around 9:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 23. The resident called police to report that a white Honda he didn’t recognize had pulled up behind his house. Officers arrived to find the car backed into a fence, police said.

Ali and the other man shuffled around and reached under their seats as police approached, then got out of the car even though officers asked them to stay inside, according to police. A woman came out from behind another car and started talking to the men.

Ali then said, “This isn’t even my car,” then took off running toward the fence and climbed through, police said. The second suspect also ran, and the officers split up to chase them. Ali was apprehended after climbing into a fenced-in yard at the Acdelco Service Center on Whalley Avenue. The other suspect got away.

Police said Ali had a ski mask and was wearing a handgun holster in his underwear.

Officers discovered two handguns hidden under the front seats of the Honda, along with bags of crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and a pile of cellphones. Police said one gun was untraceable and the other was stolen.

Ali, who had two outstanding warrants, was charged on 11 counts, including theft of a firearm and other weapons violations, trespassing and drug offenses.

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