New Haven Gears Up for Snowstorm

New Haven officials are hoping that the incoming snow won't be anything spectacular, but the sign inside the Emergency Operations Center says it all: "Snow is coming, prepare now."

“We'll prepare for 5 or 6 inches and we'll hope that we'll get 2 inches or nothing at all,” said Deputy Emergency Management Director Rick Fontana.

There will most likely be a partial activation of the EOC, and the city is making sure all the DPW trucks are ready to go. The new trucks won't arrive until December, so the city is making sure others are available.

“We'll have about 22 of our own trucks, but we'll also bring in about seven of the outside contractor vehicles,” said Fontana.

If more than six inches of snow fall in the area, parking bans will take effect, and residents will be asked to clear cars from the streets.

“We have a citywide alert. They should go on our website, make sure we have their phone number so we can call them and let them know when we're plowing their street, and if they have to move their cars,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

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