New Haven Gun Buyback Brings in Military Weapon

A recent New Haven gun buyback brought in 23 guns including a Mac-10 military rifle.

Two dozen guns are off the streets of New Haven Saturday night, following the city's latest gun buyback.

The event brought in 23 guns including a Mac-10 military rifle.

Local law enforcement agencies have hosted gun buybacks for years. Usually handguns, rifles, and shot guns would be turned in along with a few assault weapons with no questions asked.

Police were shocked to see the automatic weapon.

"This is an original Mac-10 not a full auto, but it can be made that way. This is the real deal. This is exactly what the buyback such as this is helping to get off the street. These have no purpose outside the military except for killing and murdering people," said police spokesman Officer David Hartman. 

The New Haven Police Department and the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of New Haven & Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital hosted the gun buy back Saturday.

Anyone bringing a working firearm received a gift certificate.

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